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Exhibition of Main Products of Dieng Tourism Villages on DCF 2018

visitkhatulistiwa.comThe Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) event was officially opened on Friday (3/8). Thousands of visitors began to fill the Dieng tourist complex. The road to the center of the activity at the Arjuna temple complex was packed with vehicles.
The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Exhibition called UMKM and Tourism Villages products begins this series of activities that take place once a year. On the ground of the Soeharto pavilion complex – Whitlam, dozens of UMKM stands stood selling their superior products.
Which is no less interesting, in the same place, as many as 20 Tourism Village booths enlivened the exhibition. This exhibition is an arena for tourist villages in Banjarnegara Regency to show the beauty of its objects to DCF visitors as well as tourists. [...]  Continue Reading

The Wealth of Dieng Plateu – Traditional music melody called “Rumekso Ing Wengi” started slowly and began the Ruwatan Razor Ritual Ceremony event at the top of the Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) in the courtyard of Arjuna Temple, Sunday (5/8). Traditional ceremonies led by elders of Dieng Mbah Sumanto took place in wisdom witnessed by thousands of eyes.

One by one from 12 dreadlocked children on the stage to be shaved. After that, they get a fee or something the child asks for before ritual ceremony. Not infrequently, their requests also seem trivial, but things become a major requirement in the tradition of dreadlocks. [...]  Continue Reading