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Creating a Safe and Comfortable Atmosphere for Travelers in Travel Destinations

KARIMUNJAWA, During this time, the world of tourism has always pursued tourist targets based on the quantity of visits. Various businesses are encouraged to meet tourist arrivals to tourist destinations. It’s just that based on evaluation, the number of tourists visiting is not economically beneficial and welfare for the surrounding community.

The stigma of pursuing the target of tourist visits needs to be addressed. Tourist visits must now be balanced by thinking of ways to make them more comfortable and safe while in tourist destinations. By making them feel at home at tourist attractions there will be economic activities taking place there. [...]  Continue Reading

Macrame Handicraft by Lukitri Ernarayani Goes to Dubai – Macrame handicrafts market are not only loved by domestic consumers. The results of handicrafts that use rope and thread to create a variety of souvenirs and these products are also in demand by foreigners. Like the results of Lukitri Ernarayani’s macrame work. Luki admitted that his loyal macram customers were also from Dubai. Through collaboration with gallery owners in Gudeng City, the macram has flown to the United Arab Emirates.
“I am currently working with one of the craft galleries in Yogyakara. Thank God, one of the works has flown to Dubai,” she explained. [...]  Continue Reading

Rice Planting Exciting Agricultural Activities in Boyolali, Central Java – Not just an allusion, but this really happened in Sambi, Boyolali. Through the activity of planting rice, and harvesting kale. This activity is an attraction for tourists which is impact on the entry of foreign exchange for the country. This method was developed by Warsito, a resident of Demangan Village, Sambi Subdistrict, Boyolali attracted tourists while supporting future government tourism programs to Indonesia.

Joining with traditional Javanese farmers by plunging into the fields, dirty bodies covered in mud, and the skin stung by the sun gives a deep impression for foreign tourists. How to attract tourists like this was developed by Warsito, owner of Pringgondani Outbound and Training Center, Kebonduren 02/03, Demangan, Sambi, Boyolali, Central Java, since 2009 through an unusual tour package (anti-mainstream), Warsito offered a full challenge, namely a tour package by enjoying a simple life, as is, natural in the style of the countryside in Java or called simple life. [...]  Continue Reading