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European Country Leads Sustainable Tourism Index

( РEuropean countries lead the index of sustainable tourism sustainability. France and Germany top the sustainable tourism indices released from The Economist Intelligence Unit. China HNA tourism conglomerate, pioneered the preparation of this Index.
This sustainable tourism sustainability index is a comparative data of countries in the world that maintain a commitment to develop and promote sustainable tourism practices.

The Sustainable Tourism Index designated the global travel index, also featured interviews with 11 experts on the ground.¬†Experts say European countries such as Britain, Germany and France are among the top in the index. As governments support strongly the sustainable tourism industry helps developing countries tend to experience shortcomings in policy implementation. Although these countries show greater awareness of sustainable tourism objectives. [...]  Continue Reading

Estonia is Ready for the Launch of the Century Celebration

( – An interesting program was set up by the Estonian Government in celebration of its 100th anniversary on 24 February. The programs to be displayed are art, music and history.

On the other hand, a hundred-year celebration has also been set up by Estonians across the country. Events that are displayed as diverse as historical themed events, music designs, similar events will also take place in the UK.

The decision to extend the centenary celebration program beyond the Estonian border was a goal. Namely as an effort of the Government of Estonia to convey the potential of tourism, culture where tourists from the UK who became the market. [...]  Continue Reading

During November 2017, The Number of Tourist Visits to Cyprus Soar

( – Cyprus tourism organization noted in November 2017, the number of tourists from the UK increase 18.4 percent, and 16.5 percent of world tourists.

Last month, the organization revealed the number of tourist arrivals from January to October 2017 exceeded the number of visitor visits in 2016.

Data from January to November 2017, the number of global tourists coming to Cyprus reached 3,553,149, an increase of 14.7 percent in the same period in 2016.

Of these, the number of tourist arrivals from the UK reached 1,225,621 people from January to November 2017; an increase of 8.3 percent from a year earlier. [...]  Continue Reading