Don’t Miss This Beautiful Destination If you are visiting Norway

( – Norway is a favorite destination for tourists. The country has beautiful natural scenery. Adventurers can explore the spectacular scenery captivating from various cities.
What exactly is the best thing to see and do when visiting Norway? Here are the tourist destinations that you must visit.

1. Landscape at Bryggen Wharf


This old Hanseatic dock has become an iconic landmark in Norway, with colorful buildings along the waterfront. Built in the 18th century, Bryggen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a beautiful place. Not just a walk, in this place also many restaurants and cafes that fit to eat while looking at the scenery.

2. Visit the Viking Ship Museum


Located in Bygdøy in Oslo, this impressive museum is one of the must-visit places for history buffs. The Viking Ship Mseum is part of the Museum of Cultural History. You can see many discoveries, exhibits and archeological artifacts.

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3. See Nothern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Tromsø

norway-destintations-3 Skiieng under the Northern Lights in Tromso, Northern Norway

Tromsø became the largest city in northern Norway. You can see the beauty of the aurora borealis in this city from early September to early April. Although there is no guarantee you can see this natural phenomenon. If you do not see him, there are many things to see and do in Tromsø, such as dog sleeding, to whale watching.

4.Visit to Oslo City


Oslo, the capital of Norway makes a unique breakthrough through the various activities offered. Norway’s largest attractions include the Viking Ship Museum, Nobel Peace Center, Akershus Fortress and Vigeland Sculpture Park held in this city.

If your ideal holiday is to explore the outdoors, visit the Norwegian Fjord. Ie home to everything from stunning waterfalls to glacier melt.

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5. The Stunning Akershus Fortress


This medieval castle was originally built as a fortress strategically placed to protect the city of Oslo, but converted into a royal residence palace and even a prison. Today the castle is used as a place of concerts, ceremonies and major national celebrations.
In this area there is a ski location Holmenkollen often used as a host of ski competitions. This location was once used in the winter Olympics in 1952. The object of this tour was founded in 1923 which illustrates briefly about the long history of winter sports, as well as exhibiting many artifacts.

6.View the Artwork at Vigeland Sculpture Park


This impressive park is the largest sculpture park in the world created by Gustav Vigeland. He makes over 200 sculptures to fill the open green spaces for tourists all year round. Art lovers will surely be fascinated by the statues made of bronze, granite and wrought iron.

7. View the view from the Preikestolen


Also known as the Pulpit Rock, this iconic Norwegian landmark towers above Lysefjord with a distance of more than 600 m. Due to its location, this plateau offers spectacular Norwegian Fjord sights. You can reach it by car, bus or ferry.
Thus a number of important tourist attractions in Norway. If your savings come a lot to this country.

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