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Estonia is Ready for the Launch of the Century Celebration

( – An interesting program was set up by the Estonian Government in celebration of its 100th anniversary on 24 February. The programs to be displayed are art, music and history.

On the other hand, a hundred-year celebration has also been set up by Estonians across the country. Events that are displayed as diverse as historical themed events, music designs, similar events will also take place in the UK.

The decision to extend the centenary celebration program beyond the Estonian border was a goal. Namely as an effort of the Government of Estonia to convey the potential of tourism, culture where tourists from the UK who became the market.

Estonian Visit Director Tarmo Mutso said: “This is an important event for Estonia, through a celebration of independence in February and we hope that a number of programs that have been created will attract tourists and join us to celebrate this important occasion.

“We also want to launch an event program featuring Estonia’s best culture, both here and in the UK because we believe there is a unique experience of this hundred-year celebration, this perfect opportunity is used to showcase the best we have.”


Special events in London, UK, Arvo Pärt music will be displayed Electronical Philharmonic Chamber Choir.
Under the supervision of music director Kaspars Putninš, this musical offering will offer a unique insight into the Estonian music spirit. The planned event will take place at the Barbican on January 30th.

Later in this year, Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center held an exhibition and screening program in London aimed at one hundred years of Estonian independence.
Then there’s the documentary @katjanovi, which will premiere on the historic Regent Street Cinema. The film tells the story of one of Estonia’s popular young artist, Katja Novitskova.
Estonia’s contemporary exhibition and screening series will take place from October 1st to 31st. Source

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