European Country Leads Sustainable Tourism Index

( – European countries lead the index of sustainable tourism sustainability. France and Germany top the sustainable tourism indices released from The Economist Intelligence Unit. China HNA tourism conglomerate, pioneered the preparation of this Index.
This sustainable tourism sustainability index is a comparative data of countries in the world that maintain a commitment to develop and promote sustainable tourism practices.

The Sustainable Tourism Index designated the global travel index, also featured interviews with 11 experts on the ground. Experts say European countries such as Britain, Germany and France are among the top in the index. As governments support strongly the sustainable tourism industry helps developing countries tend to experience shortcomings in policy implementation. Although these countries show greater awareness of sustainable tourism objectives.

In Asia, China and India, leading the index. Because the country can complement their strong tourism sector with comprehensive environmental and cultural protection policies.

Japan leads the socio-cultural sustainability index category. But it is ranked at the bottom for economic sustainability, which measures the economic importance of tourism to a country.


Preparation of indexes based on political and regulatory environment, environmental sustainability, socio-economic sustainability, economic sustainability, and travel and tourism industries.

France and Germany are more advanced because the country is very clear its program in the resilience of the milestone and the plan of sustainable tourism activities. While France and Britain are the highest index in terms of enforcement of their tourism laws.

Indonesia as the first in terms of completeness of sustainable tourism policy. China is a prominent leader in growth in the tourism industry as a whole
Michael Gold, the editor in charge of the research program, said: “Progress in sustainable tourism is ongoing in cyberspace, and hopefully it will continue.”



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