Fly High With An Upgrade! – You might not be a conqueror or an emperor looking for more land to surmount, but you are a human and humans are born with an intrinsic desire to roam the world and see the unseen. It is no longer cool or desirable to sit by the hearth and travel the virtual world. You must go out there in the flesh and experience the experiences.

It’s all out there waiting for you; people to be met, places to be discovered, cultures to be learned, bistros to be dining in, sunsets to be experienced. Travelling might have been difficult in the earlier centuries but thank science it has made travelling not only easier but in some (rare) cases even enjoyable. Even people in the early centuries had the need to travel and to explore and to roam the world which is why we have upgraded from buggies and horse carriages to trains and ships to aircrafts and planes. Sea, travelling has never been out of style. Some people do it for the experience of meeting the unknown, some do it to see the world, either for the challenge and still others to meet new people and cultures; not to mention food.

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However, with the advent of airplanes travelling has been made easier so much so that it has become a regular part of people’s lives. Far away places do not seem so far away anymore and oceans can be crossed in a matter of hours. In fact, air travel has become the new metro.


Air traffic has increased greatly in the last 40 years or so. At the same time however, flying has become commercialized so much so that people are crammed up in airplanes (at least for those travelling economy class) literally, with smaller seats, inedible food and an even smaller baggage allowance.

Well, hello LCC (Low cost carriers) and Budget Airlines that have augmented the cramming. But they think that people should be thankful that they are allowed to breathe on the airplane free of charge; for everything else you will be charged on the airline.

Thank god for some traditional legacy carrier services that still treat their passengers as humans and have a commendable Economy class. These are usually from Middle East and include airlines like Qatar airways, Etihad airways, Gulf air and of course Emirates. From Asia these are Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, and Cathay Pacific and many others. Some European and a majority of African air services are also doing a good job.

But these days the travelers are also becoming aware of what is on and what is not which is why Premium Travel is becoming trendy. Therefore some fortunate travelers have managed to be upgraded to the front of the plane where people are actually waiting upon.

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Well it’s no hardship to fall for a good service which is why most travelers, irrespective of whether they are regular travelers or not, ask the travel agencies or airport managers to be upgraded. But you have to remember that upgrading is accompanied by several parameters so you must not be disappointed in case you do not fulfill these parameters.


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