Horror Tradition Ceremony, Dressing Up the Ancestors

(visitkhatulistiwa.com) – Generally corpses are dressed in shroud for the last time before being buried. But in Toraja, an area in eastern Indonesia, there is a unique tradition, it can also be said rather frightening. That tradition is changing the clothes for corpses. This tradition has been around for a long time and is still done today.
It is Ma’nene tradition conducted by Toraja people. This tradition is to replace the ancestral body clothes and cleanse the body. People will remove corpses from crates, and clean up ancestral corpses that have been hundreds of years old. And the corpse dressed in new clothes.

Ma’nene tradition is done by the people of Baruppu, in the land of Toraja, South Sulawesi-Indonesia. This ritual is done after a big harvest in August. This tradition is usually done three times a year.


Supposedly according to the story of this tradition originated from a hunter named Pong Rumasek who hunted into the forest in the mountains Balla. while tracing the forest, Pong finds a dead body with a pitiful condition. then Pong took off his clothes and put his clothes on the body, and buried in a safe place.

Since then, Pong has had tremendous fortunes. The harvest is abundant, and the results are many. Even he also met the spirit of the corpse that buried him, then the spirits help him hunt and show the way.


Since then Pong has come to the conclusion that the bodies of the dead must also be respected. However, the condition and form of the dead premises, must still be cleaned and treated, treated appropriately. Pong also delivered what he experienced to residents Barrupu. Residents believe and do what Pong said, until now.

Ma’nene’s process begins by visiting the location where the ancestors in the Patane cemetery. The ancestors’ bodies were stored in preserved crates. Before the corpse was removed from the crate, the elders of Toraja known as Ne’Tomina Lumba recited a prayer in ancient Toraja.
Then the ancestral body was lifted from the crate, and cleaned carefully. The body is cleansed by the offspring of the body with a clean brush or cloth, from head to toe. After that the body was put on new clothes, and laid back into the crate.

During the process of cleaning the ancestors, some men will form a circle and sing songs and dances that symbolize sorrow. They do so to entertain the families left behind.

This ritual should be done after harvest, because the Community believes that Ma’nene ritual is done before the harvest of disaster will hit them. Harvest will fail, the fields will be filled by rats, and the leaves of the plants will be eaten by caterpillar pests. source: detiktravel


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