Javanese culture , The Art of Wayang Kulit

vitkhatulistiwa.comJavanese culture is like never ending to be explored. Wayang kulit is one of the arts tradition that grow and develop in Java society. Wayang kulit is not just a show, wayang kulit is a medium for contemplation toward the spiritual spirit of the gods.

There are several versions of the meaning of the word Wayang. It is said that “wayang” comes from the word “ma Hyang”, which means toward the spirituality of the power. But, there are also people who say “wayang” comes from a performance technique that relies on shadow (shadow / puppet) on the screen.

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Wayang kulit is believed to be the embryo of various types of puppets that exist today. This type of puppet is made of dried buffalo leather sheets. In order for the motion of the puppets to be dynamic, on the right side of the body is connected using a screw made of buffalo horn.

Wayang kulit is played directly by the narrator called Dalang (puppeteer). The Dalang puppeteer can not be played by just anyone. In addition to be good at playing puppets, the puppeteers also have to know various epic story puppets like Mahabrata and Ramayana. Dalang used to be considered a noble profession, because the man who is the puppeteer is usually a respected, knowledgeable, and polite man of character.
While playing the puppets, the Dalang accompanied the music that comes from gamelan instruments. On the sidelines of the sound of gamelan, chanted Javanese verse sung sung by the pesinden who generally are women. As a magical tradition of art, offerings or offerings are mandatory elements in every wayang performance.


Wayang kulit is a wealth of Nusantara, born from indigenous culture of Indonesian people who love art. Every part of the puppet show has strong symbols and philosophical meanings. Moreover, in terms of content, puppet stories always teach noble minds, love each other and respect, while sometimes inserted social criticism and funny role through the scene Goro-goro.
Cultural wealth that is still preserved in the midst of the development of the era, Wayang Kulit is a masterpiece, even UNESCO has recognized it as a legacy of Indonesia’s cultural treasures worth worthy. Source: IndonesiaKaya


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