Ministry of Tourism RI presents Event in Border Area

( – At the closing ceremony of Rakornas Cross Border in 2017 at Ballroom Hotel Alila Pecenongan, Jakarta (8/12/2017) Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said the Government of Indonesia is preparing 214 events to be held in 29 cross border areas spread across 8 regions in Indonesia the effort to attract 3.57 million foreign tourists (tourists) cross-border as a target of cross border tourists in 2018.

“The presence of Calender Event Cross Border 2018 will be a stimulus for tourism in the border region,” said Arief.

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Event activities in the Calender Event Cross Border 2018 also stimulate the border region in building infrastructure, as in the Government Jokowi-JK Nawacita program: building Indonesia from the periphery by strengthening the regions and villages within the framework of the unitary state as well as building a positive image of cross-border areas.

“Building a positive image of cross-border areas from a tourism perspective, cross-border areas need to develop their tourism attractiveness Developing the Calendar of Events is one of the effective and efficient short-term efforts to increase the attractiveness of trans-boundary areas compared to physically building destinations,” Arief.


Deputy Development of Foreign Tourism (Deputy BP3M) Kemenpar, I Gde Pitane said the Rakor Cross Border 2017 is an effort to strengthen the work program to increase cross border visits to Indonesia by involving all stakeholders and relevant agencies such as the National Agency for Border Management .

Until January-October 2017 the number of visits of foreign tourists cross border to Indonesia reached 2.83 million foreign tourists or 90.17% of the target of 3.14 million foreign tourists. To achieve the target, this year Kemenpar held 214 events in 29 areas spread over 8 regions; Kepri, NTT, Papua, West Kalimantan, Riau, North Kalimantan (Kaltara), North Sulawesi and East Kalimantan.


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