Javanese culture , The Art of Wayang Kulit

vitkhatulistiwa.comJavanese culture is like never ending to be explored. Wayang kulit is one of the arts tradition that grow and develop in Java society. Wayang kulit is not just a show, wayang kulit is a medium for contemplation toward the spiritual spirit of the gods.

There are several versions of the meaning of the word Wayang. It is said that “wayang” comes from the word “ma Hyang”, which means toward the spirituality of the power. But, there are also people who say “wayang” comes from a performance technique that relies on shadow (shadow / puppet) on the screen. [...]  Continue Reading

Yoghurt Dadiah, Minangkabau Culinary Heritage –¬†Yogurt is one type of food that is very popular lately because of its health benefits. Various types can be found in supermarkets, whether local or imported products. Yoghurt is a fermented product of cow’s milk or goat, even from soy milk. Some countries have well-known yoghurt preparations, such as; Dahi of India, Labneh is a compacted yogurt from Lebanon, Bulgarian yoghurt with a slight moisture content similar to cream cheese, Lassi from India, in the form of beverages, or in the form of kefir drinks from Caucasus, and much more. [...]  Continue Reading

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