Pedcab support tourist transport

( – Becak is a traditional transportation. In Indonesia, becak has been a long time. Not only used as a means of transportation, becak is also used as a supporter of tourism activities. Some developed countries have even long maintained this mode of transportation to support tourism.



Pedicab in Japan is known by the name Jinrikisha. As quoted from page Jpninfo, Japanese-style rickshaw pulled by masusia, not pulled like in Indonesia. The one who attracts Jinrikisha is called Shafu. Jinrikisha ride is faster than walking, but slower than riding a bike. Interestingly, inside Jinrikisha there is a blanket for passengers during winter hit Japan. Mode of transportation is a tourist attraction that many diminanti Japanese tourists abroad.



Do not always think this kind of car, this one taxi is very environmentally friendly because it is very similar to the pedicab. According to the info quoted from the page Velotaxi, German-style rickshaw is often seen in several centers of crowds in Germany, such as in Frankfurt for example. Velotaxi becomes a mode of transportation that offers the pleasure of driving while looking at the beauty of Germany. Velotaxi drivers are the chosen people who can be tour guides, know the street, and become a local tourism promotion funnel in Germany.

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Cycle Rickshaw or Pedicab

British people know rickshaws as Cycle Rickshaw, some call it Pedicab. Cycle rickshaw in London has been in existence since 1998, and really used the local government as a tourist attraction. The number of becaks in London itself continues to grow from year to year. These modes of transportation are usually used for short distances that deliver passengers just a few blocks away. Cycle rickshaw in London is treated very special because it can not be fined like a motor vehicle parking carelessly.


As a developed country in the world, America is not allergic to the existence of rickshaws. Even the becak they call pedicab has a central role in New York City tourism. The existence of rickshaws is used to become a tourist attraction around the city. Many tourists in New York prefer to travel around town using tricycles instead of buses, taxis, and even trains.


 Cycling became a very popular activity in Paris France. No wonder the traffic in this city is very convenient because it is very rare to find a motor vehicle. For those of you who want to explore the city of paris more deeply, there is a mode of transportation that can be used, namely Yellow Pedicab, which looks similar to the pedicab. The existence of this pedicab became a tourist attraction for the city of Paris and helped the mobility of local people very comfortably.


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