Spectacular Performing Arts of Sendratari Ramayana At Prambanan Temple

visitkhatulistiwa.com – Epic performances without dialogue, laid out Prambanan Temple is so majestic, the colossal performance of Ramayana Ballet held lively. Coupled with a very beautiful lighting adds to the magnificence of Prambanan Temple located in Klaten – Central Java. The blend of traditional dance, drama, and traditional music in one stage always attracts the audience and keeps them in the Ramayana story. The atmosphere even more festive when Sinden (traditional singer) singing Javanese song in the accompaniment of gamelan music.

On the main stage, a group of dancers gently move their bodies. This is not an ordinary dance performance, but the Ramayana Ballet performances un-dialogue drama collaborating with traditional art dance that tells the story of Ramayana. Ramayana story itself comes from the Epic Ramayana by Walmiki which tells about Sri Rama’s effort to save the Goddess Shinta who was kidnapped Rahwana. The story that comes from India is already very popular, even the story is also sculpted on the wall of Prambanan Temple.

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The originator of the idea to organize a ballet show is Lieutenant General (ret) GPH Djati Kusumo. On July 26, 1961, Ramayana Ballet for the first time was performed on the open stage of Prambanan Temple. The stage was designed by Harsoyo from Gajah Mada University, which can accommodate up to 3000 spectators. The second show held and witnessed by President
Soekarno and Charlie Chaplin.
Ramayana Ballet was finally become one of art performances in Yogyakarta held weekly three times every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Each show is held almost always filled by spectators, both local and foreign tourists. Therefore, if you want to watch, you must know the stage schedule first and come early so as not to run out of tickets.


Please note that there are two staging places Ramadan Prambanan Ballet. When the rainy season, the show is held on a closed stage of the Trimurti Building, while the dry season is held on an open stage. The privileges of the open stage at Prambanan Temple are on the large size of 14m x 50m and built as a building that blends with Prambanan Temple. Beautiful Hindu temple that became the main background of the stage.


Although Ramayana Ballet performances also exist in other countries such as Cambodia, Srilanka, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and India, the Ramayana Ballet is still worth watching. For 2 hours you will be treated to the stunning attraction of the dancers and the beautiful voice of the singer. Since no dialogue is created, it is worth looking at each dance’s movements to know the story.

Another amazing thing from the Ramayana Ballet is its magnificent staging and lighting arrangement. If you watch on the open stage, then you will see how beautiful Prambanan temple at night in colorful lights. The color of the temple and the stage lighting will vary according to the emotion in the story.
You will also be fascinated with the attractions of the ape troop stunt. And the thing is quite exciting and exciting is the scene when the fireball that was originally going to be used to burn Hanoman instead turned and burned the kingdom of Alengka. The scene of Anoman’s burning kingdom is presented with real where Anoman burns the stage. The attraction of lapping fire at the foot of this temple became a spectacular highlight of the spectacle. Not quite up there. The fire game also resumed in the Shinta scene burning him. Although before you were sleepy due to hear the strains of gending and melodious voice sinden, when reached in this round guaranteed your eyes will be wide open and unceasingly pressing the shutter button to capture the moment.

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Location of Ramayana Prambanan Ballet Show and Show


Ramayana Prambanan Ramayana Ballet Show is held at Prambanan Temple Park Complex, precisely in Theater of Ramayana Balet, Jl Raya Jogja – Solo Km 16, Prambanan. In the dry season (May, June, July, August, September, October), the show will be held on an open stage with Prambanan Temple as its background. While in the rainy season (November, December, January, February, March, April), the show is held on a closed stage of the Trimurti Building.
To reach this place you stay down Jalan Raya Jogja – Solo. Before the bridge next to Prambanan Temple, please turn left (north) about 100 meters. The Ramayana Ballet Theater complex is on the right side of the road, a complex with Garden Restaurant.
Colossal performance of Ramayana Prambanan Ballet is held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 19.30 – 21.30 WIB. But on holidays and certain festivities the show schedule can change even sometimes take place every day. Before enjoying this show you’ll want to reserve tickets in advance so as not to run out.
Complete art performances and held on a magnificent stage ready to pamper you with all the beauty. Ramayana Ballet is very worthy to be your next destination. Source: maioloo.com


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