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Tawangsari Village, The Village of the Disabled Batik

IF you are looking for a different sensation to spend a weekend or a long holiday. Why don’t you come to Tawangsari Village. A in the village in Teras sub-district, Boyolali, Central Java.
Like an ordinary village, Tawangsari has a beautiful rural natural wealth. The rice fields are green and planted every year. Clear water rattled into the rice fields. Beautiful natural scenery and fresh, natural air will surely tempt you !!!
About local hospitality, residents are very open. They are ready to welcome guests both from home and abroad.
Tawangsari village is about five kilometers east of the center of Boyolali City. This location can be accessed by cars or motorcycle, because the road facilities are good. It’s located about 20 km or 30 minutes on the west side of Adi Soemarmo Solo International Airport. If you live in Yogyakarta, you can use land transportation for 2 hours to this location.
So, what’s the interesting about this village? Is the natural wealth and friendliness of its residents charming? We’ll see it, because it is not only the object of natural tourism location that will be exhibited. [...]  Continue Reading