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Foreign Tourists Impress Ritual Barro Kubit

SEMARANGKarimunjawa residents welcomed the exciting series of Barikan Kubro centered on the Karimunjawa square on Thursday (20/9) last week. One of the tourists from Itaila Sicily admitted that the dance presented was very cool. “The tradition is unique, the dance is beautiful,” he said as stated by the accompanying tour guide. The excitement was colored by the traditional Minogoro dance which was shown by 200 dancers. The dance is trying to make life for the people of Karimunjawa when they catch fish. [...]  Continue Reading

Puppets Show Enliven Workshop with Kubro

SEMARANG – Various kinds of workshops will enliven the 2018 Karimunjawa Barikan Kubro, which will be held on Thursday (9/20). One of the interesting workshops was the puppet show that will be delivered by the puppet puppet character from the City of Semarang, Babahe.

Head of Marketing in Central Java Province, Central Java, Alamsyah.

Head of the Marketing Division of the Central Java Province Youth and Sports Tourism Office, Alamsyah, said that Barikan Kubro Karimunjawa 2018 was a folk festival that would involve the local community to participate. “This barikan is an annual event that can be followed by students and the public. During the week there will be 20 workshops that can benefit the Karimunjawa community, “he said.
It is said, the Karimunjawa Islands are currently a tourist area that is a mainstay for Central Java Province. Barikan festival activities are expected to boost tourist visits in the Karimunjawa Islands.
While the workshop series is expected to improve the knowledge of the local community. The series of workshops was held since September 13 in various villages in Karimunjawa District.
Various workshops that were held in the annual event included workshops on Batik, Puppet Tent, Puppet Alang-Alang, Fairy Tale, Screen Printing, Handicraft, Dyed Batik, Film, History, Photography and many more. [...]  Continue Reading