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Creating a Safe and Comfortable Atmosphere for Travelers in Travel Destinations

KARIMUNJAWA, During this time, the world of tourism has always pursued tourist targets based on the quantity of visits. Various businesses are encouraged to meet tourist arrivals to tourist destinations. It’s just that based on evaluation, the number of tourists visiting is not economically beneficial and welfare for the surrounding community.

The stigma of pursuing the target of tourist visits needs to be addressed. Tourist visits must now be balanced by thinking of ways to make them more comfortable and safe while in tourist destinations. By making them feel at home at tourist attractions there will be economic activities taking place there. [...]  Continue Reading

Foreign Tourists Impress Ritual Barro Kubit

SEMARANGKarimunjawa residents welcomed the exciting series of Barikan Kubro centered on the Karimunjawa square on Thursday (20/9) last week. One of the tourists from Itaila Sicily admitted that the dance presented was very cool. “The tradition is unique, the dance is beautiful,” he said as stated by the accompanying tour guide. The excitement was colored by the traditional Minogoro dance which was shown by 200 dancers. The dance is trying to make life for the people of Karimunjawa when they catch fish. [...]  Continue Reading