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Malindo Air Receives Grace Again

  • APEX Four Star Major Regional Airlines Recognation 2019

PETALING JAYA – Malindo Air has again gained recognition as a Four-Star Main Airlines version of APEX 2019 (APEX Four Star Major Regional Airlines Recognition 2019) at the prestigious APEX Official Airline Ratings. Similar awards were also received the previous year.
Chandran Rama Muthy, CEO of Malindo Air said, “We are very happy to receive the award for the second time. This achievement will continue to motivate Malindo Air in an effort to improve the passenger experience and remain competitive in the aviation industry. As an airline that has a full service concept, we remain committed and strive to give the best impression for each of our passenger trips.
“APEX Four Star Major Regional Airlines Award 2019 Recognition is very meaningful for a team that has been highly dedicated, working hard from all lines in creating Malindo Air services. For that, I want to take a good chance of receiving the award to express my greatest gratitude, Malindo Air will not be able to achieve a number of achievements so far without them [employees], “Chandran added. [...]  Continue Reading

Turn on the Atmosphere for An Exciting Fun Adventure in Rengat

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BATAM,visitkhatulistiwa.co – Batam is known as the City of Business and Industry, but in the present era it has been transformed by offering tourist attractions that are not less stunning to visit. Millennial travelers are increasingly finding a variety of interesting spots such as beaches, nature, religion, even culinary. Because the island is famous for its various of shopping, it is a must to buy perfume gifts, Batik Gonggong, Bannana Cake, Dragon Fruit Cake or Luti Gedang.
Batam in the Riau Islands along with other small islands has positioned itself as a new destination with its own potential. This region is dominate by waters (oceans) and its located on strategic route, directly bordering to the Singapore Strait and the Malacca Strait and overlooks the South China Sea. Of course it is so special [...]  Continue Reading