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Great Success, Performing 10 Decades of SIPA

visitkhatulistiwa.coSolo International Performing Arts or SIPA has been held from 5-8 September this year. Taking place at Vastenburg Fortress as in previous years, SIPA was able to bring in more than 10,000 spectators as of the day.
Entering the 10th event, SIPA carries the theme ‘We Are The World – We Are The Nations’. A total of 17 delegates from 7 countries attended to welcome the 10th anniversary of SIPA.

Wow, the number of delegations was fantastic because these delegations had their names in their countries.
The 17 delegates were Supa Kalulu Music of Zimbabwe and Beyond (Zimbabwe), Capitol University Dance Troupe (Philippines), Stefano Fardeli (Italy), Filastine and Nova (Spain), Liene Roebana Dance Company Netherlands and Chinese Touth Goodwill Association (Taiwan) .
Homeland delegates do not want to be outdone, there are Flying Balloons Puppet (Yogyakarta), Gilang Ramadhan (Jakarta) feat Smiet (Palu), Studio Taksu (Solo), Boogie Papeda and Street Pass (Papua) Community, Melati Suryodarmo (Solo), Holobis (Solo), Citra Buranteni Putri (Bandung), Jati Swara Art Community (Surabaya), Bamboo Flute Dasarai Lamaknen, Belu, Atambua (NTT), East Java Pavilion Dance Training, TMII (Jakarta, as well as UPI (Bandung) FPSD Dance Education Department and Park Na Hoon (Korea). [...]  Continue Reading

World’s Best Hotels in 2018

visitikhatulistiwa.co – Hotels are one of the important accommodations that support a holiday. Choosing the right hotel is the main reason for someone to take a vacation. This year, Travel and Leisure Magazine as well as the travel site have announced the survey results and collected 100 of the best hotels in the world in 2018. The hotels were chosen by the readers. assessed based on facilities, location, service, food and overall assessment.

This year, there were 27 of the 100 best hotels in the world in Asia. Starting from Indonesia, China, Maldives, to India. while European regional hotels have 18 award winners such as Portugal and Mexico. [...]  Continue Reading