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Connecting the Most Instagramable Destinations

*Lion Air Serves Direct Flights to Manado to Denpasar

MAPANGETNorth Sulawesi is in the strategic lane of northern Indonesia already has a warehouse of attractions that should be considered. A destination known as the Land of Minahasa has attracted many millennials travelers, because it is clearly caught the eye, famous for the beauty of the sea, the expanse of mountains and hills, the variety of culture, religious nuances and very global about local hospitality.

When you are in Manado, travelers can also enjoy the typical culinary flavors and shop for creative industrial products at Jendela Indonesia. Being here, travelers can pamper themselves for a moment because they face the nautical charm directly. For those who have not yet invited their favorite snorkeling spots, there are ships available to Bunaken Marine Park. [...]  Continue Reading

SIPA From Time to Time

visitkhatulistiwa.co – SIPA or Solo International Performing Arts is an international scale cultural arts event with material in the form of performing arts. While the show referred to as the art genre area, from dance, music, to theater, does not even close the possibility of expanding into other areas of art.
SIPA will continue to search and find its ideal form. The search process will continue to find the best form. But one thing that will never be abandoned is the Solo Spirit as a place for cultural interaction, namely the Solo City Culture concept. This is what will always be the spirit of the search process for the ideal form of SIPA. [...]  Continue Reading

Huma Betang, a Trully Home of Diversity

visitkhathulistiwa.co – Dayak tribe, who doesn’t know it? Native tribes that inhabit Kalimantan Island, Indonesia. A tribe that highly upholds its culture amid a wave of strong modernization. Dayak tribes have a unique culture, many Dayak tribes who still live in the interior of the Kalimantan forest and not a few also socialize and mingle with immigrants in big cities and are highly educated.

Dayak tribe culture that likes to move around to find fertile agricultural land makes them not only centered in one place and makes them scattered in various places that are difficult to reach. They have the same soul and similar ways of thinking, like hardworking, friendly souls, souls shoulder to shoulder in a very awake togetherness. [...]  Continue Reading