The tallest Trojan horse in Asia is in Probolinggo

( – Giant Wilaha Horse statues (troy horses) stand tall among the mangroves, on the north coast of Probolinggo City, East Java. The statue called Cipta Wilaha, its received the recognition of the MURI record as the highest horse statue in Indonesia and even Asia, and globally the world’s second highest number after Turkey.

Cipta Wilaha horse statue is deliberately designed at BeeJay Bakau Resort (BJBR) of Probolinggo City, which was inaugurated on August 29, 2017. This Statue of Wilaha has a height of 11.5 meters and a length of 12 meters. The frame of this statue is designed from iron, its skin layer from coconut skin waste.
If seen from a distance, this Cipta Wilaha’s horse looks so stunning, so BJBR visitors are fascinated and want to look closely. Visitors can also get into this giant statue because inside the statue there are two floors for visitors takes selca.
The first floor is on her stomach and the second floor is on her back. Inside it is able to accommodate 300-400 visitors.


The statue of Cipta Wilaha stands on a 89-hectare BJBR tourist attraction, precisely at PPI Port East Java Province, in Mangunharjo Village, Mayangan Sub-district, Probolinggo City.
In addition to the Cipta Wilaha horse, in the BJBR tour there are also other tourist attractions, such as the game Majau Bakau Beach and Lock of Love.
Giant troy horses, standing tall among mangroves, on the north coast of Probolinggo City, East Java.

The Wilaha Kuda was created by Artist Benjamin Mangitung. When he moved to Turkey, Benjamin got the idea of ​​making a Tanzanian horse after seeing giant horses in Turkey. Benjamin Mangitung is very keen to make it and eventually founded on BJBR tour. This giant horse is also a symbol of unrivaled power and is also taken from the story of the horse of Abimanyu who is the son of Arjuna and it is expected that visitors who see the giant statue of Cipta Wilaha will be more acquainted with the story than the Abimanyu and Arjuna.

Visitors can enter through the BJBR’s doorstep and walking along enjoying the lush mangrove for 650 meters. While the admission ticket price per trip BJBR per person is Rp 15.000 and to enter into this Cipta Wilaha horse per person cost Rp 10,000.

The presence of giant statue of Cipta Wilaha is quite proud of the people of Probolinggo and surrounding areas.


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