Tourism Potential Gunungkidul and its 121 Beach worth to visit

( – The blue waves roaring from Baron Beach tease the tourists and fishermen to sail. The beach is located in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. A side from beautiful beach its also unique. Because it has two types of water. Saltwater from the Indian Ocean and fresh water from the river that is mixed on the beach

To the east of the beach there is a lighthouse with surrounding hills. Past cliff kars, Kukup Beach shows the scenery is not less beautiful. Not far from there, Indrayani Beach with its cool beach air, the gazebos standing there make the tourists pamper themselves with the warm sunshine.

Baron Beach name is one of the many beaches and tourist attractions in Gunungkidul Regency, which can be regarded as a hidden paradise. “Gunungkidul is different from other regions, we are only a district but has more than 100 beaches and dozens of natural caves for tourism,” said Regional Government Chairman of Gunungkidul Suharno.


The region that owns the capital Wonosari, there are 121 beaches. Namely ranging from Purwosari Beach, Tepus, Tanjung Sari, Bekah to Sadeng which is 70 km long touching the Indian Ocean lips. In addition there are 62 natural caves of stalactite and stalagmite rocks. One of them is Pindul Cave which has underground springs as well as bat and swallow ecosystem. Not far from there is the River Oya which is now a rafting rides for tourists.

In addition to water tourism, Suharno explains in north Gunungkidul there are mountain tours that are not less interesting. “So the northern part is synonymous with mountain and spiritual tourism, like Mount Gambar where Prince Samber Nyowo (Mangkunegara first King) ever stay there, Embung Sriten, Green Village Gedangsari where the longest flying fox game in Asia, Langgeran Geo Park and Mount Gentong are newly opened for tourists,” he explained.

The existence of these attractions makes the economy of Gunungkidul more increasing. In 2016, the revenue of Gunungkidul area reached Rp20 billion and up to 10 months during the year 2017 has increased to Rp26, 1 billion.

This year, said Suharno, Gunungkidul Regional Government targeting regional revenue could rise to Rp30 billion. Therefore, it has made changes to the local regulations that reduce the levy of entertainment and tourism, so that it can grow tourists.

According to Suharno, currently the number of tourists to Gunungkidul reaches 30 thousand people, both local and foreign. By lowering the retribution, it is expected to further stimulate the tourism industry there and increase the flow of tourism.

Meanwhile, PHRI Public Relations Gunungkidul Ngatno said although the flow of tourists continues to increase every year but, there are major problems in increasing tourism in Gunungkidul, namely road infrastructure, parking lots, and telecommunications networks. He also hopes that future leaders Gunungkidul understand and can take advantage of the abundant tourism potential to improve the economy of the community.


This infrastructure problem is recognized by Suharno. He also hopes the presence of new airport New Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulon Progo, increasing the road infrastructure and foreign tourists to come to Gunungkidul.

In addition, Suharno wants with the leadership that will come, can know and branding Gunungkidul so increasingly attractive to tourists, investors, and increasingly widely known to the world. SINDOnews


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