Under Water Paradise

(visitkhatulistiwa.com) – Bunaken National Park is a water paradise in the province of North Sulawesi Indonesia. A very beautiful marine park located around the island of Manado Tua (Mantehage and Siladen).
The underwater charm is amazing. when diving will you can find here,  there are about 13 types of coral reefs that rise steeply vertical down about 25 – 50 meters. You will also be pampered with views that are served by about 91 species of fish in the Marine Park Bunaken. among others white koi (Seriola rivoliana), local gusimi (hippocampus), indigo gasi (Scolopsis bilineatus), goropa (spinotocepsep hinephelus and hypselosoma Pseudanthias), lolosiyellow tail (Lutjanus kasmira), and many others. Not only that here are also found many mollusks such as goat head fish (Cassis cornuta), nautilus (Nautilus pompillius), giant clams (Tridacna gigas) and tunikates or askidian.


For the traveler who loves scuba diving, this place is one of the best places to do the activities. There are about 20 points that can be used for diving, where you will get a chance to swim into the sea surrounded by a variety of marine biotavery fascinating. This tour was discovered in 1975, and used as a mainstay tourist attraction of North Sulawesi. At first the Bunaken National Marine Park was discovered by a group of divers from Manado City who tried to do diving expedition in this place which was done in 1975.

And when they do diving activities, local fishermen warn to the divers that the place they dive in there are many evil spirits, but the divers are not daunted and continue to dive. After they follow the place below Bunaken sea water, the divers discovered the marine plants on the coral walls are still pure and rare fish, which makes them amazed to see such a fantastic scene.

Since then Bunaken became a very fascinating tourist attractions in North Sulawesi. Then in 1991 this place became one of the National Park in Indonesia and in 2005 Bunaken National Park became one of the world heritage sites after being registered to UNESCO.
Activities that can be done on the island of Bunaken most are diving, so you can enjoy the beauty of Bunaken as a whole and clear.  There are approximately 23 dive sites that you can visit. For those of you who want to do snorkeling do not be confused and bothered to bring dive equipment because around here has many providers of equipment – diving equipment that you can rent.


These are some of the best dive sites around Bunaken

1. Bunaken Timor
Bunaken Timor is one of the recommended snorkeling sites, but keep in mind this place has strong underwater currents. You will find a lot of fish species that live in this area. other than that some types of coral reefs also adorn the underwater charm though may not be as spectacular as the others. but you can see the life of eagle rays, sharks, turtles, and some big fish that swim around, not only that the sights served by the seaweed cultivation and the small caves that adorn the walls will hypnotize anyone who witnessesthe scenery of this place.

2. Mandolin
Mandolin is a marine park that has walls and coral peaks populated by thousands of fish that live like a unicornfish, surgeonfish, bannerfish and shooter fish. The fish here are so tame that they are easy to approach.

3. Face of the Church
Just like other snorkeling sites in Bunaken, Muka Gereja (face of the church) is a very beautiful place that is a pity to miss here as well as there are many thousands of fish in shallow water and troughs stretching toward the sea walls.

4. Barracuda top
Barracuda top is one of the furthest snorkeling sites located in northwest Bunaken. in this place you will find a gigantic Barracuda horde that swims among tuna and jack fish. Therefore this place is called the Barracuda Peak.



5. The ruins of a ship in Manado
The long ships that have a size of 60 m is under the sea with a depth of 78 feet or about 23 m below the sea. It is said that this ship was once a ship belonging to a German trader who drowned in 1942 near Molas Beach. The ship is split in the middle so it shows the steering room and the handle of the cargo, this place visibility that can be reached about 10 to 15 m.

6. Siladen
this place has smooth coral walls and forms a beautiful landscape and will look alive when the currents come. The location of the shallow sea shows its own beauty with the fish and schooling snappers.

7. Coffee Cape
Coffee cape headland is a small wall that is also much inhabited by a swarm of barracuda fish and sweetlip fish. In this place visibility in shallow water location is not so good, but what makes this place interesting is the number of fish you can observe. One examplefish species that live in this place is the Fish Nudi branch and Gobi Fire Fish.

8. Wall Lekuan (I, II, III)
Wall Lekuan (I, II, III) is a long wall that exist in Bunaken, this place is divided into three places that are Lekuan I, II, and III. Third – all three have a marine park that can be said best from other places in Bunaken. The wall of the Lekuan has steep walls and deep crevices, not only that here you will encounter a sea fan and a giant sponge as well as some shallow locations and filled with big old sister fishes swarming in groups and turtleslive in this region.
Travel Tips To Bunaken in order to enjoy the natural tour to Bunaken without obstacles, some of the following things need to be consideredeast gate

1. Select Your Month Visit In May – August
Why choose May – August when going to visit Bunaken National Park ? Because in those months the sea water condition around Bunaken is very clear and its temperature is warm, this condition is very good to do diving activity because of its distancethat can be reached maximum. But in the months between December to January sea water conditions are tide and dirty sea water caused by the amount of waste carried by the current, so less so good when doing diving activities. And when you visit in October you canwatched the Bunaken Festival organized by the local government.
2. Plan Your Vacation Away Daysmost of the tourists who visit Bunaken do choose vulnerable months between May – August, it resulted in many operators and resorts that have not received tourists to enter again, due to the reservation is already full, therefore for those who intend to visit the placethis try to plan far – away days by booking accommodation and equipment for a trip to Bunaken.
3. Maintain Environmental Hygiene
Bunaken Marine Tourism Park is a tourist attraction that needs to be preserved, it can be done if we can at least maintain the cleanliness of the environment and not destroy the nature. Here you will find a lot of boards containing appeals – appeals to maintain cleanliness and environmental sustainability.  As a means to remind the tourists because of the behavior of visitors who are not fully controlled by the officers there. Bunaken National Park, one of the aquatic paradises in the territory of Indonesia waiting for you to visit.source: twisata.com


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